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Biogenic Pet Vitality contains 100% natural ingredients from responsible sourcing. The formula contains only three active ingredients and two inactive ingredients. The active ingredients are: Humanofort® which is a pharmaceutical grade extract of growth factors from the tissue of fertilized hen eggs, Selenium and Vitamin-E.

The inactive ingredients are: human grade brewer’s yeast which is reach in Vitamin-E and Maltodextrin which helps bind the formula into a solid tablet. Humanofort (standardized oligopeptide) is scientifically proven to regulate and restore the body's disrupted balance. BiogenicPet Vitality is an over-the-counter product formulated and developed by veterinarians.

One of the most important aspects in the development of this product was to preserve the vitality and health of the animals in a natural way.


BiogenicPet Vitality is a natural remedy for various dog and cat ailments, including tissue damage, inflammation, skin and fur problems, debilitating conditions and diseases of old age, without having to worry about the side effects of traditional prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications.

In the case of aging animals, BiogenicPet Vitality rejuvenates aging cells and demonstrates active mobility even in old age. It provides joint and cartilage protection through unique mechanisms of action. If the use of an anti-inflammatory or antibiotic becomes necessary, BiogenicPet Vitality reduces the harmful side effects of these drugs and supplements their therapeutic effects.