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The basic principle of company is that healthy, well-kept animals ensure the farmer’s well-being and the happiness of pet owners – therefore the company tries to provide everything which is needed for the welfare of animals. This is why our company group are conducting original and generic veterinary drug development and continuously expanding its product portfolio of veterinary medicinal products, feed supplements, pet foods.

Not so long ago, dogs and cats lived freely and provided their own daily nourishment.
From the killed animal nature provided them with the necessary vitamins, minerals, macro and micro elements, and especially growth-factors. This natural process provided them with the biological balance necessary for their reproduction, development, and survival.

However, today’s domesticated dogs and cats no longer live in the wild and do not feed themselves. Their development and health depend on us people and the living conditions provided for them. Although life expectancy has increased age-related diseases have also become more common, just to mention musculoskeletal and joint pains, hair-skin problems, and digestive problems and mood swings. The award-winning active ingredient in BiogenicPET Vitality is standardized oligopeptide (Humanofort) extracted from the tissue of fertilized hen eggs containing natural growth-factors (not to be confused with growth hormones).

BiogenicPet Vitality contains no hormones! The active ingredient contains a range of naturally occurring growth factors which are low molecular weight oligopeptides permitting them to pass through the digestive system intact for nutrient uptake in the small intestine, primarily through pinocytosis.

Our corporate group are a Hungarian family-owned enterprise, which the oldest member was established 30 years ago and has been developing continuously ever since. We have a long experience in the distribution of pet foods of outstanding quality. We are market leader in Hungary in the distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals and feed supplements, and it has substantial manufacturing capacity for veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed supplements. We firmly believes that we must preserve the Earth for our grandchildren. In the spirit of this, the main aim of our development activities is to replace antibiotics and pesticides with substances of natural origin, and to reduce the environmental impacts of agricultur-al systems. Our international e-commerce partner is Tápfutár Webáruház Zrt.

Tápfutár Webáruház Ltd. was founded in 2004. It became our international e-commerce partner from 21st May 2019.

Tápfutár Webáruház Ltd. is the owner of the hungarian Grandopet.hu webshop where pet Owners can choose from nearly 8,000 different items.

Starting with small balls, super premium dog and cat food, vitamins, flea and tick killers and also many kinds of delicacies and equipment for their pets, anything that they need.